The Beachcomber

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A Pelican Pointe Novel

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Who killed aging rock star Rory Rossum Cole? That’s what his daughter wants to know. When a grieving Brogan Cole needs comfort and support, she runs to her longtime childhood friend, Lucien Sutter, now living in Pelican Pointe.

Rekindling a relationship that’s had its ups and downs is always difficult. But in the middle of a murder investigation, it’s downright challenging. In spite of the circumstances, the two make a pact to start over, but old issues just won’t go away. To make matters worse, Rory’s murder may be just the beginning. It seems the killer wants the entire band dead, including Lucien’s estranged father, Rory’s best friend and bandmate, Graeme Sutter. But why?

The pursuit for justice becomes a fight for answers before anyone else becomes a victim. Will they be able to put aside family dynamics to get to the truth? Or will the killer succeed in his quest to end the band for good? And will the case change their lives forever?

Moonlight Ridge


A Coyote Wells Mystery

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Thrust into the murder of a beloved postmaster, Gemma and Lando are thrown back in time 20 years to an unsolved slaying of an entire family. Solving one murder might mean solving four more. Chasing down suspects won't be easy. But if there's a connection, they intend to find the link.


Are they looking at a random act of violence? Or an orchestrated murder plot? Is the killer a stranger? Or is the culprit closer to home?

When another body is discovered outside of town, the mystery deepens. But does it mean there's a serial killer in their midst?


Because something is terribly wrong. When strange things begin to happen to the people close to them, it will take both Gemma and Lando working together to make sure Coyote Wells is a safe place to live once again.  

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Down Among the Bones

A Skye Cree Novel

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A new kind of serial killer draws Skye into a twisted web of cat and mouse. What seems like a missing person case quickly spirals into a complicated puzzle. Was the first abduction random or something else entirely? Has an innocent flirtation led to murder? Is she dealing with a madman who wants to hurt her family? When the killer sets his sights on a member of her team instead, the threat becomes all too real. But nothing makes sense. The pieces aren't fitting together.

Without answers, she races against the clock before he strikes closer to home. She won't let anything happen to the people she loves. But will she be too late?

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