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Murder on the Boardwalk

A Beachcomber Mystery
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A forgotten cold case languishing in a dusty box. A teenage girl without a name. Who murdered Gidget Jane Doe as she became known to the town when no one stepped forward to claim her body. Found strangled on a sultry August morning in 1978, her body left in plain view on the boardwalk—how could anyone do such a thing? And why? Was she killed in broad daylight on a sliver of beach? Or was she murdered the night before? After all this time, so many unanswered questions. Is it too late for the killer to be brought to justice?


Two self-described websleuths—Brogan Cole and Lucien Sutter—try to uncover the killer’s dark and twisted secrets. The path to discovery won’t be easy. Twists and turns lead to dead ends—until they get help from an unlikely source. But each step they take closer to the killer puts their lives in jeopardy—which can only mean one thing—the killer is a local and still lives in the area.


Can they put the clues together before the killer strikes again? Or will they become the cold-blooded killer's next victims?

Murder in the Summer House

FINAL COVER Murder in the Summer House.jpg

A Beachcomber Mystery
On Sale Now!

In 2001, on a foggy June morning along the coast of California, a vacationing couple is murdered, shot dead in their bed. Their only child goes missing, along with the neighborhood paperboy. What happened to the kids? And how did law enforcement get it so wrong?


Murder in the Summer House is a twisted tale of betrayal, vengeance, greed, and deception at every turn.


What begins as a simple whodunnit becomes the most challenging case Lucien and Brogan have undertaken. After other suspicious deaths come to light—they’re drowning in suspects—and reach out to friends for help. If they can cut through all the layers of lies and deceit, they might stand a chance at finding answers. But learning the truth won’t be easy. The tragedy has already changed lives. While offering a second chance for some, it will forever expose the heartless evil that festers when hatred is allowed to thrive.

Sandpiper Marsh


A Pelican Pointe Novel
On Sale Now!

His sister's disappearance haunts Ex-Navy SEAL Beckett Callahan. For years, all roads have led to nothing but dead ends. To cope, he and his brother Birch—another ex-Navy SEAL—run Terra Search & Recovery to help other families bring closure to their pain. He even hopes to train his golden retriever Brodie to become a search dog with the Coastal Canine Unit.


After multiple tours overseas, Beckett has finally managed to rebuild his life. But failing to find out what happened to his sister overshadows everything. That changes when Beckett meets Dr. Kelly Ecklund, a quirky marine biologist, in town to reforest the dying kelp beds. As sparks fly and attraction builds, is it enough to bring him out of his dark shell? Will Kelly's interest in the case open up old wounds or be the catalyst that heals an entire family? 

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