The Coast Road Home

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A Pelican Pointe Novel

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Three years ago, it was a beautiful March Saturday in New Glarus, Wisconsin. The sun was out. The day, a crisp cool prelude to spring. Divorced mom Marley Lennox wanted nothing more than to spend time with her two kids at the family farm, a peaceful setting outside of town. They’d all been looking forward to helping tend to the newborn calf and spending a quiet weekend in the countryside.

But then the shooter showed up, armed to the teeth and ready to kill. The massacre lasted less than ten minutes, but the damage had been done. Marley’s entire family had been wiped out, gone forever.

Shaken, and suffering from survivor’s guilt, Marley's life is spiraling downward. After three years of trying to leave the past behind, she realizes she needs to get out of Wisconsin and start over, otherwise she'll go mad. But where does she go? She decides she needs an adventure, a road trip to get her head on straight and give her time to think about her next step.


When a car accident lands her in Pelican Pointe, she’s forced to stay until she’s healed. But after meeting her doctor, Gideon Nighthawk, things start happening fast, feelings  surface that she never expected to feel again, feelings she thought were gone for good. But is she really ready to start her life over? Or will she forever live in the shadow of  guilt?  Will Gideon be enough to help her turn her life around? Or will she always feel trapped in a never-ending circle filled with grief and anger?

Fire Mountain

A Coyote Wells Mystery

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                   Cozy mystery with a side of chocolate.


In this latest trip to Coyote Wells, no one is who they seem. Secrets abound. Liars tell stories. Con artists make up a phony past. Getting at the truth will be difficult.

Gemma and Lando are barely back from their honeymoon before they’re hurled into a hunt for a missing woman and forced to solve a mysterious plane crash. Two seemingly unrelated events now become a complicated mystery that sends them on a frenzied search for answers. Are they looking at a tangled web of killers or just one twisted mind?

Will Gemma’s psychic talents be enough to steer the investigation onto the right track and keep it there? Will Lando be able to put the pieces together before the killer strikes again? Or will their combined efforts be enough to nail a suspect before he flees the country and gets away with murder?

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