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"Hello! I am now an avid fan! I started Pelican Pointe series when they first came out. For some reason, I stepped away. Went on a cruise this past October and picked up where I left off. To date, I have completed that series and the Beachcomber series as well. Please tell me there will be more books of both series!" Myrna


"I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading the Pelican Pointe series! The stories are about love and survival in difficult situations and the wonder of lasting friendships. The concept of Scott Phillips and his love of his hometown and it's occupants is very uplifting! Thank you so much for this joy!" Deanna


"I love the Pelican Pointe series. Just finished #16. Hope there will be more. Will now start on one of the other series. Your are an excellent story teller. Thank you" Carol


"Will there be more Pelican point books have read thru 16 over the Pelican Point series. over the idea of taking a dying town and creating a thriving community. Even showing a map to watch it grow and nurture." Teresa


"I work in the medical field and am very impressed with your knowledge in your books!" Annette

"Loved the characters in Sandpiper Marsh! Keep them coming!" Tory 


 "I read one of mysteries, liked the story and style and it led to me read all nine of your Skye Cree books one after another this past week. As you might guess, I’m long ago retired and entertain myself by reading morning to night and I look forward to reading many more of your engaging novels." Cal


"Another Coyote Wells enjoyable 5* book. Love the characters. Looking forward to more Coyote Wells and Pelican Pointe. We don’t want to forget Skye Cree." Joyce

"I am a fan of all your work! I have read all the Coyote Wells books,all the Pelican Point books and the Evil series. What an amazing mind you have! I can't to get hands on the next Coyote Wells book! Please keep writing forever!" Sheilah


"Just finished your latest books. I loved them as always. I really love all your books." Gloria


"Just finished Mystic Falls, and I loved it! Great characters, great writing. I'm a new fan!" Share

"Just finished The Boathouse, awesome read, didn’t realize it was book 14. Really bummed it’s the last, love the way you incorporate past characters in the current book. Need to write more books like Pelican Pointe, love the humor, romance and mystery." JV


"I have read 5 of this wonderful series..please tell there will be more." Beverley


"I just completed reading the Pelican Pointe novels - great books! I feel as though I know the characters of this wonderful little coastal town. I am going to miss them as I go on to read Your other books." Susan


"I thoroughly enjoyed the book Mystic Falls, could not put in down, thanks for a very good series." Gayle


"I just finished The Boathouse. I always hate it when a series ends. I think I’ve read all your series. What’s next? I love your writing! Humor mixed with romance mixed with mystery - how could it be better???" Kathryn


"Lighthouse reef was a delightful read, couldn’t put it down. Will be looking for more from you." Darlene

"Just finished Starlight Dunes. Loved it! Looking forward to reading the other books in the Pelican Pointe series. The characters were so much fun getting to know, and I grew to love the small town! I have always found myself reading all books by one or two of my favorite authors, because I’ve been disappointed trying something new. Not this time! So glad I took a chance on your book!" Lynn


"I have read #1 in the Coyote Falls series and loved it. It is very entertaining and moves along at a good pace. I like the characters and the story line. With some cozy mysteries they just lack the intrigue and they seem to cutesy. I even bought the next in the series as soon as I finished the first. Thanks for doing a believable series."  Carol A.

"I really enjoyed reading Lighthouse Reef. I couldn't put it down. Thank you very much looking forward to reading another one of your books." Marsha


"Absolutely love your Pelican series. They kept me going through quarantine. Don't stop writing them!" Riley


"I feel a part of Pelican Pointe. The past week, I did some binge reading and managed to read from book 4-book 13. I am sorry to leave Pelican Pointe and its inhabitants. The town came alive with the variety of perspectives in that town. It reminds me of a Winesburg, Ohio. Each character gives a bit of life to the town. Each one, however, has his/her hidden secrets. Kudos for helping pass the time during our own trying times with the virus. I can only imagine a town as caring of its citizens as the one you describe." Joy

"I have read and enjoyed all of your books. The suspense in the Skye books keeps me reading far beyond bedtime. Your costal seiners talks to my romantic heart. Please keep writing as I will be waiting to read." Vickie C


"Love all your books....Love all your series!!! I just finished re-reading the Skye Cree books. Quick question? What happened to Brayden? He was a big part of Sea of Bones, but was completely missing from Forgotten Bones. Thanks.....Keep are well loved by many." Penny

"I just finished reading your book, Lighthouse Reef. It was a great book. I love a mystery, but especially one that doesn’t bog down in too much detail. This story kept me reading when I should have been exercising or cleaning my house. I thought your characters were realistic- their life issues as well. I personally appreciate that the sexual scenes were subtle instead of steamy, leaving some things to the imagination. I also was glad you did not pepper it with crude language. That takes talent and intelligence, in my opinion. Thanks." Virginia


"Loved Promise Cove. Look forward to reading more of your books." Donna


"Where have these books been all my life? I recently discovered this wonderful book series and I'm impressed with Vickie's depth of stories and character development. I have loaded all of the Pelican Point series of books on my iPhone and read them every chance I get. Thank you for writing these wonderful stories about people dealing with life - spiced up with murder, romance and intrigue. I am a new fan!" Donna


"Just finished Mystic Falls. It's the best mystery I've read in a long time! I'd rate you as an author right up there with Agatha Christie. I can't wait to read the next one in the series" Avanelle


"Fire Mountain 5 stars So good to have Gemma, Lando and the gang back. Now we need Pelican Point and Indigo Brothers. Really enjoy your books." Joyce 


"I just finished the last of the Pelican Point series. It’s 4:45 am and I can’t believe it’s over. Loved every book, WANT MORE! Feel like I moved there and know everyone.  Will look into your other series. Thank you for transporting me to the Point.🥰🥰." Sandy


"Just read my first Skye Cree novel while on a trip can’t wait to get home and find the others! So I can get back to Coyote Wells!"  Patricia

"I LOVED promise cove!! Your writing reminds me of Nicolas sparks!! I can't wait to read the next book!!" Jessica

"Love the Coyote Wells books." Lynda


"Just finish reading Promise Cove love it to bits. It so well written,the story is so good and normally I will take maybe 3 to 4 days to read a ebook,but not this time. Start reading late last night and today after finishing the things that i had to do i start reading it again and was unable to stop until the last word of the story.Thank for having written something so beautiful."  Christiane

"Just finished!! All I can say is...holy moly, that was an AMAZING book! Gotta go back to the beginning now, I'm not ready to give Skye up just yet!" Alain


"Thoroughly enjoyed all 12 of the Pelican Pointe Series. Hopefully a new one will be coming soon. The characters come to life! Also all three Coyote Wells Mystery were great" Joyce

"Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your books. I just finished the Pelican Pointe series and hope there will be more. Add them to the re read shelf along with my other favorite authors. Thanks again now will start on your other books" Gail


"I would love to see the Skye Cree series turned into a tv series. There are a lot of shows in that include supernatural themes. Your series is much better. Loved Sea of Bones." Judith


"Just finished the Pelican Pointe series and I’m disappointed that they are done. Loved all the characters, loved hearing about the past characters in the new books. Any chance of number 13 coming out?" Debbie


"I finished reading Christmas in Pelican Cove and I loved it. Good story, great writing and likable characters, a winning trifecta. I look forward to starting the rest of your other series." Mara


"Mystic Falls blew me away. Will read the other books in series." Brian


"Mystic Falls kept me going until the end. I love mysteries and can usually figured out the villain but not this time. Good job.Great book." Sandy


"Mystic Falls was such a page turner Loved it" Thelma


"Loved loved loved the Coyote Wells series thanks for first book free" Samantha


"I've just finished Mystic Falls and I loved it!!" Debra


"Love reading pelican Pointe series I hope their are many more!" Perry


"Hi Vickie. I loved reading the pelican pointe series. Just wondering if you will be adding anymore books to it?" Sandra


"I finished reading all the Skye Cree books and thoroughly enjoyed them so much I've gone on to your other series." Heather


"Loved the Coyote Wells series. Please tell me they'll be more books!!" Augie


"I have just finished the Evil trilogy, I read the first book and after I finished it I immediately bought the 2nd and 3rd book. Have to say, I absolutely loved all three and am looking at buying some more from you. YOU ARE AMAZING , Keep up the great writing, Thank you for your awesome reads, Regards"  Gail


"Just finished Keeping Cape Summer, #11 of Pelican Pointe series. I can't wait for #12. I am so addicted to the series!!! What a wonder read!" Sherry


"Indigo brothers trilogy was awesome! The heartbreaking backstory made it true to life." Alice


"The first book of yours I ever read. Skye Cree is my new heroine. I read book one in a day and now I started book 2. Starting Book3. Each book has taken a day to read; interesting, exciting and fast read." Phyllis


"I have just finished the 11th book in the Pelican Pointe series. I loved it as I did the other 10. I can't wait to read #12!" Barb 

"Just finished Promise Cove and loved it!" Naomi


"You certainly are doing this! I have read all the Skye Cree novels and just finished the Pelican Pointe series. I love both these series and cannot wait for new books. Your characters enthrall me and the sense of community permeates the stories. I love the way you inter twine them and continue their. Growth." Judy

"I retired long ago and now spend most of my time reading. About 10 days back I finished the Skye Cree series, just now finished the 11 books of the Pelican Pointe series and am just about to start book one of the Coyote Wells Mystery series. Your books never disappoint me and I offer my compliments to you as a writer." C Calvin


"Oh my gosh! So tonight or this morning, I finished the entire Pelican Point series...I loved every bit of every book. So wonderful...I did enjoy meeting the new characters...but still want closure on Gretchen and John and Beckham Maybe a few years from now when Beckham is Just so great. Thank you...and now I must truly get some sleep." Leigh


"I just finished "Indigo Justice"! I loved all three books in this trilogy! S o much action. twists and turns, I couldn't stop reading! I am anxious to get started on the next book! You are a fantastic writer!" Carolyn


"Just wanted to let you know that I read your book Promise Cove. The story was outstanding!" Karen


"Oh my god I just finished reading the newest Pelican Pointe loved loved loved Simon. Awesome story!" Vera


"Your books are amazing. Just finished Skye Cree love the characters."  Caitlyn


"The evil trilogy blew me away so I started on your other trilogy Indigo brothers. Wow. Loved them all." Sharon

"Ms. McKeehan, I just finished Garden of Bones. I have already referred it to my cousin. I look forward to enjoying more of your work." Georgann


"Just finished your new Coyote Wells books. Love the characters!" Tamara


"I just finished reading Starlight Dunes in your Pelican Pointe series and enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm looking forward to reading more in this set of books and then getting into others you've written. I have also read the Indigo Brothers Trilogy and loved them. I don't know if you're interested or not but I do most of my reading on the Kindle app on my phone, tablet or laptop. Please keep writing because I'm sure there lots of fans out there who love you as much as I do. Thank you," Donna


"Keep em coming. I love your writing." Dan


"Have read the first 3 Skye Cree books, loved them. Suspense, action and romance all throw in." Terry


"Just reread Skye Cree novels again. Waiting for Sea of Bones. Really have enjoyed this series." Camille


"Skye Cree my kind of kickass crime fighter" Paul


"Never written an author before but I read your Evil secrets trilogy  and thought it the best thing I've read in along time. I recommended them all to my book club. I don't even mind giving them a second read." Dana


"I'm enjoying Promise cove . Wish I lived there." Ronnie


"Super series! Skye Cree is my new hero." Danielle


"After reading all the Sky Cree books I'm your biggest fan. Couldn't put them down until I'd read them all.  Ready to start your Pelican Pointe Series, have told all my friends about you." Susan


"I loved this book Good characters and location,: the beach!" Elizabeth


"I loved under a Christmas moon. It made me feel good. So timely." Elizabeth


"Loved the new series. As usual lots of wonderful characters." Gayle


"Finished the last Pelican Pointe in the series. When will the next one be out? Loved loved loved each one." Bonnie


"Love your books but I wished you offered more in audio. I buy audiobooks because I have a long commute to work. More audiobooks please." Eva


"James Patterson used to be my favorite. After reading Skye Cree now you are. Focus on Skye solving more mysteries." Dodge

"Finished reading the evil trilogy and loved it so much I bought the Indigo books. I don't know which was better but I read until my eyes hurt, tried to sleep but had to know what happened next. I read until I read them all. Starting on Skye Cree next." Rachel

"Have read all your books even joined your mailing list. You're now my favorite writer." Nick S

"Sky Cree series is great! Absolutely loved it, read them straight through. Can't wait to read the 6th. Love Kiya & Atka & Sierra, Sky & Josh are some of my favorite people." Juanita


"Just completed the first book in the Sky Cree series and found it to be a breath of fresh air. Great characters and a great plot. Sky and Josh make a good team especially with the wolf spirit Kiya bring a whole new aspect to the suspense novel. Started reading book 2 now." Gordon


"I first discovered the Indigo trilogy. I couldn't stop reading. Absolutely engrossed. Now I'm on book 7 of the Pelican point books. Again I can't stop. I want to go there!!! What will I do when I reach the end of book 10.I love your books. Thank you." Caroline


"Love the stories and how you weave the characters together! Please consider including the recipes "Jordan" prepares at Promise Cove (or a cookbook)........that would be delightful!!!" Heather

"Just finished box of bones and couldn't put it down. Never read any of your books before" Leah


"Ms McKeehan....your Bone series has been such a delightful read, albeit sad situations. But your writing is so good. Just a word of thanks!" Ed


"Just finished reading Truth in the Bones and cannot wait for the next book in th series. I was instantly hooked on Skye Cree from the first page of The Bones of Others. Pleas don't keep me waiting too long for book number 6, whatever it may be titled" Ray


"I just finished your book; "The Bones of Others" and I must say I had to keep reading until I read the whole book. What a GREAT job on all the characters and bringing such a wonderful ending. I look forward to reading the whole series!" Elnora

"Love the Skye Cree series read out the current ones." Nancy

"I have never emailed an author before but Indigo Trilogy was so good that I felt I had to tell you. I loved every minute of the story and feel lost now it's finished. There was no way to guess how the story was going to go and the excitement kept up until the very end. My thanks for these wonderful books, now I'm off to look at what else you've written." Kathleen

"Truth in the Bones Loved it! Stayed up all night reading the last few chapters. I want more!" Jerri


"I've just finished Beneath Winter Sand. I read the first Pelican Point book about a month ago and couldn't stop until I'd completed every one. I'm truly hopeful that there is a book number 11 coming soon. I'm very much a fan of this series and can't wait to see what's next." Angie

"The first books that I read were the Indigo series. I was sad when the series ended. Then I went on to the Pelican Pointe series and loved that as well. To tell you the truth, I was sad when both of those series ended and I hope there's more coming! Now, on to the Evil series. You keep your readers engaged. Love the way you set up your characters."  Shawnee


"Promise Cove was amazing," Annette 


"I just finished my first Vickie McKeehan book "Promise Cove". LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! I can't wait to read every book! Thank you so very much for the military ties that helped make this book the magnificent read that it was. As a retired military wife and now military mom, it's very much appreciated. I appreciate you. Keep up the awesome work!" Janice

"Indigo brothers were awesome. Mitch was my favorite." Mora 


"Loved loved loved Indigo brothers. Book #4 please." Betty


"Read all your books, every series, sometimes twice. Each one gets better and better. Love the way you write, love your characters, love these stories. Can't wait for the next book, whatever it is." Alice


"I have read all of the Pelican Point books and I love, love love them. How I wish this town was real, I would drop everything and move there tomorrow. I have also read the Evil Trilogy and all of The Bones books and I can't put them down once I start them. Please keep writing Vickie, you have a true fan here!!!" Chris


"I've read all your Pelican Pointe books and have loved every one of them. I hope there will be more. Hopefully Scott will be included more in the next books than he was in the last two. Thanks and keep them coming!" Denise


"Lots of twists and turns in the evil secrets trilogy. Best books I've read in a good long while."  Bill R.


"Just finished Winter Sand. As always your books fascinate and intrigue me. Keep up the awesome writing. Can't wait for your next book." Shirley


"Many hours of enjoyment reading Indigo brothers. Thank you." Preia

"My name is Doak in Pflugerville Texas and I really enjoyed reading your books! I just finished Truth in the Bones. Now I got to go back and read the others from 1-4! Have a great day! My wife Christy is also a big fan of yours also." Doak


"Thank you for writing such a great series." Patty


"Your characters always jump off the page. I feel like I know them and am sad when the book has to end."  Karen


"JUST EVIL..I thought it was brilliant!!!"  Anne


"Sandcastles is a great Christmas story." Lindsey


"Loved pelican point. You are my new favorite author." Cari


"5 stars plus for the Indigo Series, these are the best books i have read in a long time." Cheryl


"Just finished Sandcastles and it's my new favorite of your books. The characters, interaction and heartbreaking emotions grabbed me. Thank you"  Gwen

"I have loved all of the Pelican Point books and hope you will continue the series. I am going to start on the Indigo Brothers Trilogy next. Happy Holidays to you and yours." Evelyn


"I am a huge fan of all Vickie's books and find her to be a terrific person, too! Her newest series, the Indigo Brothers Trilogy, just might be my favorite! Don't you just want to move to Indigo Key and meet them all? When I reached the end of the trilogy, it felt like we were all old friends! Her work is so enjoyable with so many very likeable characters so much, I've devoured all her other books, too!" Dixie


"Hi, Love the Pelican Point series. I live in Belize for now and my Kindle is my new best friend. Discovering books has been a sanity saver. I'm rereading my favorites and just left a review of Promise Cove. Thank you so much for you talent. Hugs" Gale


"I just finished your evil series and wanted you to know that I thought they were outstanding. I loved the characters and didn't want to finish the last book. Thanks for a great read." Howard


"I read all 8 of your Pelican Pointe series and loved each one. By Lavendar Beach I felt like They were all my friends. Scott gave them the extra touch that was needed in the books. I felt his pain as he watched his wife and child living the life he never would. My favorite characters were Jordan and Nick. Looking forward to reading all your books" Vera.


"Loved the pelican point series can't wait to read your other books" Joanna


"I enjoyed reading Promise Cove. Although I do not write reviews, this particular book really touched me. I worked for the VA for over thirty years and know how devastating PTSD and losing someone dear affects our military families. But, love has a way of making everything better. One only wishes this would happen for many of our soldiers in real life. Beautiful story!" Jeanette


"Have read all your books. Can't wait for the next one to be published." Shirley


"The Skye Cree series I've read 3 out of 4 books ,about to start my 4 th can't wait. These are great reads ,if you haven't read them yet get them." Kitty


"I have just finished Lighthouse Reef, I have enjoyed all four books and now looking forward to Starlight Dunes I can't wait to start it. Its hard to put your books down and I'm always looking forward to what happens next." Myra


"Enjoyed the Indigo books. Why not add another one?" Amber


"Can't wait for the next Promise Cove installment to the series." Calista

"Loved reading Just Evil so much I bought the other two. Wonderful series!" Alice

"Read Lavender Beach and loved the chemistry between Eastlyn and Cooper. Can't wait to read the others in the series." Christina


"Love the Indigo brothers! My favorite was Mitch." Laura 


"I am about half way through this book after reading the first two. I love this series and again you have done an outstanding job. Truly an outstanding writer." Linda


"I just finished reading LAVENDER BEACH. It is one of the dozen or so books I've come across in my 82 years I've just absolutely had to read in one sitting. Excellence plus." Calvin


"I have just finished reading Hidden Moon Bay and thoroughly enjoyed it...found it hard to put it down!! Was such a coincidence that 4 of the characters were the names of my grandchildren and a son....felt like I was reading my family story!!! I will definitely look out for more of your books. Thank you for entertaining me." Monica


"I finished Lavender Beach in a few hours a wonderful book. Thanks for a lovely morning. You have another fan.. Sincerely." Boo 


"Just read the Evil Trilogy in four days, couldn't put the books down. Thank you again for great stories! Please keep them coming." Yvonne


"I just read lavender beach. It was incredible. So many twists and turns it was just awesome can't wait to read more books from you." Doris

"Finished Just Evil! WOW!! What an AWESOME read!! It was hard to put down. Thank you, Ms. McKeehan!" Gedean


"I just finished reading The Evil Secrets Trilogy. It was so hard to put down. I got really wrapped up in it.  I highly recommend this Trilogy. Very good, with lots of twists & turns!!!!!" Carolee

"Just finished the Pelican Pointe series, read all 7 in the last 2 weeks. Could not stop once I started, loved, loved them!!!!" Beverly


"Wow Vicky just finished Bones of others what a awesome read I adore ...the characters of Skye and her game geek boyfriend I've also bought the next book in the series I'm looking forward to reading it and I'm sure it will be as good as the first I will be looking into your other books as well I'm excited to have found a new author who's writing I enjoy thank you Vicky and please keep up the good work" Marygrace your newest fan


"Just finished your book The Bones will tell. Loved it and can't wait... to read the next book. I love mystery, romance and the paranormal. Really enjoy anything about the Native Americans. Thanks so much for writing just for us lovers of mystery/romance/paranormal." Judy


"Just finished (just evil) it's the best read I've had in a long time , looking forward to the next one thanks" Sadie


"Just finished "The Bones of Others" on Amazon Kindle. That book was marvelous.. Love the interaction between Skye and Josh. Getting ready to read "The Bones Will Tell." Margaret

"I just reading HIDDEN MOON BAY and loaded all of the sequels on my Kindle. By the time I am done with reading them, I will be ready for LAST CHANCE HARBOR. Keep up the good work and...keep on writing!" Abe


"Just finished reading Box of Bones and loved it! Hope you are working on a new one!" Kay

"I just finished your First 2 Skye Cree Novels. I see Box of Bones comes out in April, can't wait to add it to my Kindle!"  William

"I love, love, love this series....waiting for the next chapter!" Brenda

"I just finished Box of Bones & loved it!" Deborah

"I have finished the Evil trilogy series and I'm getting ready to start the last book in your Pelican Point series. I absolutely love all of your characters in your books. I have gone from one book right into the next on my Kindle. I plan to try out your sky Cree series as we'll but I don't know anything about the series yet. I just wanted to thank you for many wonderful hours of reading! Keep them coming!" Ann

"Just finished bones of others. was intensely well written. the characters were real and the suspense was great. a story we all would like to be heroes of" Terry

"I just finished the Skye Cree books and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Please say there will be more?!?!?!" Alex

"Just finished Promise Cove, Its a wonderful book, Read the second in the series first...really enjoyed seeing and reading Nick and Jordans story." Joyce

"I have just read the first two of your books Pelican Point. You brought me to your story.  I Cant wait to begin to read the other three." Nada

"Just finished The Bones Will Tell, very good read. I enjoyed the characters and who they interacted with each other." Gina


"I just finished the fifth book of the Pelican Pointe series and I have loved every single one of them.  I hope there will be more because I want to follow everyone's progress and watch the little ones grow.  You are an excellent writer who gives all of your characters such great qualities and you let your readers into their lives.  Please keep the series going.  Thank you for the hours of enjoyment that you have given me." Betty Ann

"Just finished Lighthouse Reef. Love, love, loved it. I already have hidden moon to start tomorrow! Thank you Vickie. Please keep writing." Fran


"Just finished the second evil....the third is already waiting on the tablet!.It's 12:50 ....couldn't stop reading until the end!. Losing sleep...but what a great read!!!!  Wishing for someone's demise may be bad but...... Thanks again for your writing.!  Definitely 5 stars." Ramona


"Really enjoyed your book "the bones will tell ' Am looking forward to your next one, "box of bones" Patricia


"Awesome - I read all the rest last week! Love this series!" Denise


"Love the Skye Cree series. Hope there will be more." Mary


"I just finished reading The evil secrets trilogy. . Loved them now I'm reading Promise Cove. .. You're an awesome author I'm so glad I found you and your books. " Sandra

"Love Pelican Pointe series!!!" Amy


"Just finished Dancing Tides. Loved it! I finished the book in two days...I can't wait for another great read by you." Bunny


"An amazing book as usual. I love them all." MaryJo


"I am very much looking forward to reading more of your work and I know I won't be disappointed." David


"Finished Just Evil. Was sorry it ended. Loved the characters. Fast pace read. Will definitely read the remaining two books!" Linda "Just finished reading The Bones Will Tell.....Loved it.....will be reading more of your books." Lucille


"Totally awesome story, once started you can't put it down until you find out who the bad people are. Will continue to read. Thanks." Jerry


"Just finished read your book The Bones of Others.  I really enjoyed the book, the characters were really well written and I love the strong Woman you made Skye Cree to be.  We need more strong rolled woman in the books we read. I my self am a strong woman, I don't like helpless woman and how needy they can be.  Great book will read more of your work.  Thanks again for a great read." Gayle


"Just Evil, book one is fantastic and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Thanks for been an awesome author!" Sherrie

"Just finished Just Evil - you've got me hooked, I need to go get the other 2!" Robin

"Just finished reading The Bones will tell...loved it!  When will The Box of Bones be out?" Tonia


"The trilogy of evil was spellbinding. I couldn't put the books down. Thanks for the story." Sandy


"I just read your book "The Bones of Others" and really enjoyed it." Vikki


"I just got through reading your books & loved them!  The Evil Trilogy had me wondering what was going to happen next & sitting at the edge of my chair!  Thank you!" Deanna

"Great characters.  Can't wait got the final in the series.  Thanks got the great entertainment." Sue

"Thanks for the Trilogy.  Couldn't put them down" Irene

"I just finished reading this book in 3 days!! I loved it...." Christina


"Hello. I just finished reading The Bones of Others.  This was a very entertaining and believable book even though it was disturbing to read about child abduction and human trafficking.  Loved your team of Skye, Kiya, and Josh and mention that there are groups out there working to put a stop to such horrors.  Thanks for the good read." Sandra

"just finished the bones of others. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!" Lisa

"Just finished the bones of others. Love Skye and Josh, and I'm looking forward to reading more!" Marie


"The Skye Cree books are a great read, can’t wait for more!  Will have to try your other books now." Laura


"I just finished reading " Just Evil" and I don't know how long, I just could not put it down.  Everything about the book was great and I am sure I'llm read the rest of your books.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Gail


"Loved Promise Cove...still crying.. But happy tears...great story..will there be a continuation series?" Maxi


"After reading the Evil Trilogy, I have found a new author!  Excellent books.  I have never felt a personal connection to the characters.  I felt connected to Jake, Kit, Baylee, Dylan, Reese, and Quinn.  I finished book 3 last night and I'm still reeling on how real the characters seem." Diane

"I just finished reading all (3) of the Pelican Point novels.  I loved them all and read every night until I had to put my Kindle to sleep.  I will be looking into other books you wrote.  You are a very talented romance writer.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you." Donna


"Great characters.  Can't wait got the final in the series. Thanks got the great entertainment." Sue


"I just finished reading #EvilTrilogy Addicted, and had to finish them all this weekend!  Loved them start to finish! 5 stars" Alana "Just finished book two of the Evil Series.  They are wonderful!  Getting ready to download book 3!  You write wonderfully!" Jill

"Cannot wait for more novels from the amazing Vickie McKeehan!" Breonna

"Loved the Evil Trilogy, great read!  Reading the Pelican Pointe series now." Dorrelle

"...just finished the last of the evil trilogy.  I just had to write to let you know how amazingly brilliant the trilogy is.  Wow and I almost never send a review.  The books were a totally awesome read. " Aramide


"Reading my first Evil book and I am going to keep reading all your books the story lines, love the books... " Lynne


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